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YMCA Erotic Instructions

Definitely not what the Village People had in mind when they recorded their hit song of the same name, or then again maybe it is. This YMCA is for the yogis, gymnasts, those who are double jointed or for folk who just like a challenge.

Based on a classic yoga move called the Headstand, or Shirshasana, this pose has as many health benefits as it does pleasurable ones; as you invert the body, you breathe deeper, improve circulation, and relieve stress on the lower back.

To get into the YMCA, kneel and place the top of your head on a small floor cushion between your guy’s thighs. Next, straighten your knees, raise your hips, and remember to keep your abs flexed. Now your guy can help you get into the final position and then arrange himself accordingly.

Why You’ll Love It

Bragging rights.

Tips and Tricks

When first entering this position, mild breathing difficulties may be experienced as the blood from the body rushes to the head; this should quickly pass, but if you’re feeling uncomfortable, come out of the position and rest in a prone position to normalize circulation before standing up again.

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