Missionary Doesn’t Have to be Boring: 3 Hot Missionary Sex Positions

3 Hot Missionary Sex Positions

Contrary to popular belief sex in the missionary (man on top) position doesn’t have to be boring. Missionary sex positions can be incredibly intimate, leaving you able to kiss and caress your partner at will.

They can also be some of the best for reaching the g-spot darn near guaranteeing an orgasm for many women who may find it difficult to do so through intercourse.

Ultimately missionary is as boring as you let it be. Here are three missionary sex positions that can instantly add spice to your sex life.

1. Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll puts the legs where they should be: on the shoulders. Choose any flat surface, the bed, the floor, a sturdy table, and lie face-up, bringing your knees as close to your chin as you can. He lies on top of you and places your calves on his shoulders. You can hold on to his back to bring him even closer to you.

2. Drill

I don’t think the Drill sex position needs much explanation, but for those who like detail: To get into the Drill position, you lie on your back and wrap your legs around your guy who climbs on top.

Although it is very similar to the Missionary position, the raised legs make a significant improvement in the penetration angle as well as the intimacy of the position, making it a good way to improve the standard missionary position.

3. Folded Deck Chair

This happens to be my favorite of the missionary positions. To get into the Folded Deck Chair position, you lay on your back and place your legs on your partner’s shoulders. He then enters you from a kneeling position while supporting some of his weight on your legs.

What do you think? Have you tried these positions? If so, which is your favorite? If not, which ones do you see adding to your sex positions list? Hit the comments below and let us know what you think.


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